These are unprecedented times and we have put a few temporary changes to how our foodbank is run so that you can access food and assistance.

24th March 2020

As from Monday the 16th of March 2020 our Community cafe has been closed until further notice.

Our Community cafe has been the hub and main collection point for all food up until this point, we are trialling different ways of still making our foodbank available so please do bear with us.

With immediate effect if you require a foodbank food parcel, please add your main contact number to the rear of the voucher and post your voucher through the letter box of the Open Door Cafe at your convenience.  We will then gather the vouchers and make contact with you.

You can also take a photo of your voucher and email this to us. Please send this to both the office email [email protected] and [email protected] this will ensure that we do receive the voucher.

You can also telephone 01326 564194 and leave a message, but please do remember to clearly leave your contact details otherwise we will not be able to return your call.

Once we have made contact with you, as long as you are eligible for a food parcel we will then notify you as to how you will be able to receive this.

You will not be able to have immediate access to a food parcel at this time, but we will do our best to try and provide assistance as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience at this time.

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